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We provide high-quality veterinary services to your exotic pets.

We Provide Top-Quality Veterinary Services

Owning an exotic pet comes with more responsibilities than owning a regular pet. This is even more evident when it comes to their general health care. We understand the specialised needs of these species. As such, at Canberra Exotics, we provide top-quality veterinary services to various exotic pets. We ensure that they can live a healthy life in your home.

The Species We Treat :


This member of the family, carnivorous mustelid is not immune to diseases and infections. They can be quite susceptible to intestinal blockages (when they ingest items they are otherwise not supposed to take) and adrenal diseases. We provide specialised veterinary care to them.


We recognise that birds are quite a beautiful pet. However, this beauty only remains where your birds are healthy and in the best possible condition. As such, we have created a team of veterinarians dedicated to ensuring that your pet birds can remain healthy and keep being beautiful. 


We are fully aware of all it takes to cater to your pet reptile. Our expertise does not have any limit. As such, whether you have a bearded dragon or a snake, we remain your foremost option for reptile care. 


We are recognised as a leading veterinary clinic for amphibians – the most common of which are axolotls and frogs – within Australia. This is thanks to our experienced team that has continuously demonstrated expertise in the delivery of advanced and sophisticated care for various amphibians.

Guinea Pigs

At Canberra Exotics, we specialise in making high-quality medical care available to guinea pigs. Our offerings include preventive health care and nutritional advice to ensure their optimal health. We are recognised with considerable experience in the care of guinea pigs.

Rats & Mice

We possess vast knowledge of husbandry and health that allows us to provide adequate care for your rats and mice. We have designed our services to ensure that you can create the perfect home for them. This way, they can live in excellent condition.

Why Choose Us

Choosing us should be a no-brainer if high-quality veterinary service is at the top of your list. This is one thing that sets us apart. However, that is not all. We are preferable because we possess the following.

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We have our clinic in Canberra, Australia. We look forward to having you with us.

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